Super Bat Puncher is a new platforming game in development for one of the most beloved retro consoles, the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Currently still in development but you can play a demo of the game which features the first few levels to help you get excited for the full version. The game is very reminiscent of the popular indie game Cave Story which is certainly not a bad thing and is neat to see this kind of game to be in development for the NES. Yes,  there are plans for you to be able to play this on your actual Nintendo hardware but currently the demo is only a ROM to be played on an emulator like Nestopia. 

From the developers site:

Super Bat Puncher is an original homebrew game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
Explore the deep, dark caverns of a mysterious planet and find out about the plague that threatens Earth.

The game features…

  • Good old platforming fun
  • Special moves
  • 2-Player mode
  • A delightful soundtrack composed by Dave Harris
  • Explicit bat punching!

You can watch a play through of the Demo and download the ROM at the developers site 

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