Man, has this theme been stuck in my head for months now.
I’ve been meaning to cover it for ages but was always slightly worried about being able to pull off the backing lines (on the banjo).
They are in fact two separate tracks on the original that weave in and out of each other, so I learned them and played them this way.
I had to simplify it slightly though for the sake of clarity.

It took me a while to get the right balance levels too as it’s pretty much essential here since the track is so busy.
The mandolin playing the lead was much louder in my original drafts making it much harsher, I toyed with the idea of removing it completely but it ended up being slightly too dull with just the flute(s) then.
Rhythm chords were initially on the banjo too but the ukulele works much better in this case and gives a rounder yer clear feel .
This is by far the tune that took me the most time to post-edit to get right,
I must have spent a good week and a half on small balance details 🙂

I also decided to to away with the intro and outro as the “main” part of the cover is the most iconic really, and went an played it twice through.