Codemasters released Micro Machines on various consoles in 1991, but the version I played and loved was on the Sega Mega Drive. Being such a huge fan of the toys already, when I saw this on the shelf at my local video games store I couldn’t wait to get it. Good job I had all that birthday money saved up!
Micro Machines was a racing game for up to two players in its original release and came in its very own uniquely shaped cartridge. Later sequels were adapted to allow two controllers to be plugged directly into the cartridge, which I always thought was pretty cool.
The game features cartoony visuals and is played from a “top-down” perspective giving you a great view of the level designs which are full of character and themed obstacles. You get to drive a range of miniature vehicles on breakfast tables, the beach, on school desks, in bathtubs and on my personal favourite; the pool tables. I love the use of playing cards for ramps, pockets you drive down and the ability to knock your opponent off the table with a looney tunes style puff of smoke as they fall to their death.
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