And here it is. The Heat Man theme from Mega Man 2 for the NES .
I had to think outside the box on this one .
When I approached this tune initially I didn’t think there was much meat on the bone to be covered. It got requested a few times though and kept going back to it and one day it hit me !

I think, the key was to approach the tune not as a melodic piece but very much as a rhythmic dance tune and I it works in this cover.

I actually doubled each sections and approached the entire piece as a dance music type of tune. I added a chord progression on the second section too as it colors the melody and helps anchor into the ground .
Then I stayed on the second part at the end and just layer it, using the ebow, a wah pedal on a repetitive mandolin pattern and even an actual violin bow 🙂
I normally try to stay away from personal additions but I think in this instance it’s not too intrusive and helps flesh out the piece without loosing the essence
Hope you enjoy it.