It’s a question which plagued my mind for many years. Why, when loading games from audio tape or cassette software do many home computers display horizontal raster bars on screen in varying colours? Why don’t we have a picture of a little guy landing on the moon? WHY DO WE HAVE LOADING BANDS? Bars? Rasters? Lines? Loading Lines??! Whatever you want to call them? Well, in this episode of Byte Size, I’ll be finding out why. Popular machines like the Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC all featured these bands in one form or another. Even early machines like the ZX81 featured something similar (although this was a design quirk more than intentional), but it’s something I find particularly fascinating none the less, and after all, what’s Byte Size about if it isn’t unearthing knowledge from old technology quirks. Grab your WH Smith cassette deck, a copy of Jet Set Willy and join me.

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