It started with Super Mario Bros. 2.  Then it moved on to Super Mario Kart.  It has continued through golf games, tennis games, adventure games, RPG’s, fighting games, casual party games and countless other genres.  The choice has been present and time and time again over the past almost three decades the selection has been the same…I’m a Luigi guy.

Here I am in 2016 and if you put on any Nintendo game where a character choice is involved, you will get to watch me make a beeline for the fella in green.  It’s just natural at this point, ingrained in my soul to pick him.  My friends know it, they will often try and rush to pick him before me just to see me blow up at the sheer thought of having to pick a different character.  I think I might have a problem, and yet I do nothing to change it.


I’m not even sure how it started.  When playing Mario 2, Princess was a pretty vital, and arguably, the most useful character.  There was Luigi, all dressed in green, with his silly little leg flopping jump maneuver, forcing my hand to pick him because there was just something I enjoyed about the character.  I would never be Player 2 in Super Mario Bros just to be him.  Mario and Luigi were the exact same sprite but just colored different.  Maybe it’s because he was taller, maybe his mustache was more alluring.  I honestly have no idea.  The fact that Mario 2 gave all the characters different mechanics might have spurred it on.  I was the taller, skinnier sibling in my family, perhaps I related to Luigi in a certain way.   Luigi has always been the lesser of the Mario Brothers, that’s easy to see when you consider how many games he’s been left out of, how many videos have been made making fun of his lesser stature and just how he gets generally treated like hot garbage.  None of that bothers me, I stick with my Luigi like an old pair of underwear you just can’t throw away.  Because it’s comfortable.


Luigi, in the beginning

In Super Mario Kart on the SNES, I had, and still have to this day, his timing mastered to ensure I get that essential speed boost off the start.  His Mario Kart character always seemed nice and balanced to me.  Not really great at any one attribute, but just a nice overall combination of speed, acceleration and turning ability.

Two confessions, I don’t really like green and I’ve never played a Luigi’s Mansion game.  It’s just one of those things I cannot explain.  The universe has pulled me towards Luigi in such a manner that has lasted over a quarter century, with no signs of ever letting up.

I’ve tried, I really have tried to pick other characters in Nintendo games where choice is present and it just never works out.  To be flatly honest, Luigi sucks in Super Smash Bros. but there I am, still getting beat repeatedly because of my inability to wrestle my conscious to the ground and pick an actual character that I might win with.


Do you even have a license to operate that?!?!

It hasn’t manifested itself to other series’ either.  I’ve never stuck by a Street Fighter character, a Mortal Kombat one, or any other game series character in this way before.

Just Luigi.

Maybe I feel bad for the way he has been treated over the years?  No, that can’t be it because the obsession started way back in the NES days when Luigi’s 16-bit and beyond torture was still to come.

Maybe I relate to Luigi because in some ways, he’s just like me and what I’ve gone through in life?  Naw, that’s probably not it either.  My brother isn’t short, fat and has never had a mustache as far as I can remember.

Maybe it’s because Luigi is so overpowering in every game he is in, I just pick him so I can win?  Hahaha, we all know this isn’t true.  Any wins I pick up with Luigi and purely user skill.

Maybe I just like Luigi, and that’s it.  I’ve enjoyed 25-plus years of being Luigi and will enjoy being him for as long as Nintendo keeps including him in video games.  That’s probably the best explanation at least.


My hero!


Do you guys have this kind of relationship with a video game character?  Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Mancave Kris