Join me for the second part of this documentary regarding Id Software’s Story – Part 2. This episode looks at Id Software’s initial conception on February 1st 1991, and also charts the story of Commander Keen’s shareware release on December 14th 1990, as well as Id’s other software titles before Wolfenstein 3D. There’s also the problematic story of the company’s location at the Lake House and their move to Madison in Wisconsin, with the various issued faced around their premises, including close to home drug raids and freezing winter conditions. Join me on the second part of this Hellish story.

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Titles featured include;
Commander Keen Invasion of the Vorticons
Commander Keen Aliens ate my Babysitter
Shadow Knights
Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion
Rescue Rover
Commander Keen Trilogy
Rescue Rover 2
Keen Dreams
Wolfenstein 3D