Wow, it’s been a minute.  I’d like to apologize for the long unannounced hiatus.  With my life getting super crazy all of a sudden and the site going through maintenance, it’s been a weird time, but Games Growing Up is BACK, baby!
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back is a great game.  After I finished playing the remake of the original Crash Bandicoot, I was super excited to play Crash 2.  Crash 2 is a lot more refined than Crash 1, so it’s not surprising to say that the remake of Crash 2 was more fun for me to play than Crash 1’s remake. 

This game looks a lot better than the original.

First off, there’s one more collectable item in Crash 2: Crystals.  These power crystals are the main collectable of the game, and are required in order to finish it.  These crystals are very easy to find in every level, as you’d have to try to miss them.  The other two collectables in Crash 2 are gems and time relics, the latter of which were added for the remake.  The crystals and gems are obtained the exact same way as they were in the original, while the time relics are once again obtained by speedrunning each level.  Unlike Crash 1’s remake, in Crash 2’s remake you’re given the speed shoes at the end of the main game, making earning the platinum relics a little easier.  Crash 2’s time trials weren’t as hard as Crash 1’s, but they were still very challenging, with the hardest being Cold Hard Crash, also the hardest level in the original game.  The time trials could get frustrating at times, but were never as strenuous as they were in Crash 1.  One of the main reasons for the easiness of the trials was how often I could break the game by sliding, jumping, and spinning to give myself a height boost.  The height boost from this combination of moves let me skip several obstacles, which made the time trials a breeze, with only a few exceptions. 

The detail is so great.

The new gimmicks and level types introduced in Crash 2 feel a bit different in the remake.  First off are the polar bear riding levels.  These levels feel more floaty control-wise in the remake, but the controls are still are very precise when turning.  The jetpack levels feel a lot more loose and floaty, and I feel that they were done a lot better in the original.  This doesn’t mean that the levels are bad, I just enjoy the original more. 

The hitboxes have also been changed, just like the Crash 1 remake, but Crash 2 isn’t as big on long, precise platforming segments, so it doesn’t matter as much in my opinion.  While Crash 1 was made harder with the new hitboxes, I feel that Crash 2’s difficulty isn’t changed at all.

The graphics for Crash 2 are just beautiful.  The game was already colorful, but the remake adds so much detail.  Crash 2’s remake is just a pleasure to look it. 

Crash traverses through a remastered Ruin stage.

Some of the enemies in Crash 2 are a little more difficult to defeat.  The hammer enemies in the Bee levels are a lot quicker with their weapons.  The crushers in the snow levels are also a lot quicker to crush.  Thankfully, the bosses haven’t been changed much, with the exception of the jetpack controls during the final boss.  This can be a bit annoying at times, but I still enjoy the game.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back is still a great game when remade.  The game looks beautiful, plays well, and though it isn’t perfect, it’s a lot better than Crash 1.