I don’t think I’ve ever met somebody that didn’t know about Hello Kitty.  Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters have been around for a long time, and are iconic nowadays.  Released for the Super Famicom in Japan in 1993, Sanrio World Smash Ball! is a unique tennis-esque action sports game.  We’ve never actually seen an official release for this game in North America.  That being said, I own a Japanese Copy and can play it on my modified Super Nintendo, so we’re good to go for an all new Games Growing Up!

There are several different courts to play on.

The gameplay of Sanrio World Smash Ball! is quite simple; the goal is to beat your opponent in a series of tennis/hockey hybrid matches.  In order to win a match, you must smash the puck into your opponent’s goal 3 times.  There can be one off matches or series’ of matches depending on the game mode.  There are blocks that can drop powerups and there are hazards around the court that can help and hinder you during the match.  You can also charge up a super smash that makes the puck go lightning fast if it makes contact.  You can’t cross the middle of the court, and neither can your opponent, hence the tennis-esque label.  There are several fun courts to play on, with each giving some sort of handicap or help to the players.  Each court has a different motif and aesthetic as well.  There are grassland courts, underwater courts, windy courts, and more.  There are four playable characters: Kerokerokeroppi, Tabo, Pokopon, and Hangyodon.  Hello Kitty is just the referee, which confused me at first, since I thought they would be one of the main playable characters.  Overall, the gameplay is super simple, but fun!  There’s nothing inherently wrong with any part of the game that I played; I enjoyed it a ton!  The gameplay has held up well!  The controls of the game are common SNES sports game controls.  They’ve aged fine; I have no issue with moving around the court and there’s no issues with pressing the B button to smash the puck.

The end of a match.

The graphics look nice, albeit simple.  Nothing in the game looks necessarily bad nowadays, but nothing is impressive looking today, either.  The music is only played during menus, allowing players to focus during matches.  This kind of sucks, since I don’t remember any of the menu music.  I feel like music wouldn’t take away from the matches, and I don’t agree with it not being present.  The graphics have aged fine, but I wish there was more music.

Another court that can be played on.

Sanrio World Smash Ball! is a fine game in 2018.  While not perfect, I still enjoy the game immensely.  People know about this game and how good it is, too, since it wasn’t cheap to buy, and I’ve seen a demand for it.  Sanrio World Smash Ball! has aged well.