The Super Mario Bros. games are some of the most famous video games of all time.  After the first three games in the series were released for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the late 1980s, Super Mario World, the fourth installment, was released for the Super Nintendo, or SNES for short.  This game was included with every SNES console and is considered Mario’s greatest 2D adventure, but does it still hold up?

Mario swims under water with a cape

The gameplay in World replicates the gameplay of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3, with a few changes.  Gone are all of the varied powerups from Super Mario Bros. 3, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Replacing all of these items is the new cape feather, a feather that dons a cape on Mario’s back and lets him fly all over the place.  This feather makes the game much easier, as Mario can simply fly over many of the levels in the game.  It also lets him kill almost any enemy.  Along with the cape, World marks the debut of Yoshi, everybody’s favorite video game dinosaur.  Mario can ride Yoshi, who eats just about everything in his path.  Yoshi and the cape feather make the game almost a cakewalk to play, but are fun to use.  Along with the simplistic Point A to Point B level style, there are also a few levels with two exits in them.  If the secret exit is reached, then a new path on the world map will open up for Mario to explore, letting him access secret levels and areas.  It’s really fun to go through all of the levels and then explore them to find secret exits, and the gameplay of Super Mario World is almost perfect by my standards.  Though a bit easy, the gameplay is still very fun to this day.

The graphics are a little weird for the Super Nintendo’s standards, but it was early for the console and they are still nice to look at today.  All of the colors and details on enemies are fun to see, and the game still looks nice, just a bit weird.  It’s really hard to explain, but hear me out, you’ll understand it when you see an image.  Overall though, the graphics are fine.

Mario defeats a bunch of enemies for points

The controls of Super Mario World are some of the best controls the Mario series has ever had.  They are so fluid and I rarely have issues with them.  The controls are the perfect combination of Mario 3’s floatiness and the original Super Mario Bros’ stiffness.  I have zero complaints with the controls.

The music of Super Mario World is an interesting case.  Every song in the game is iconic, so many people know the soundtrack by heart.  The funny thing is, every song has the same composition.  There are different instruments and pitches and sounds, but the tune is the exact same.  People don’t notice it, but it’s true.  The music in Mario World is amazing, but a bit rushed, seeing as its very samey.

The detailed overworld

Super Mario World is still a fantastic game, over 25 years later.  With amazing gameplay, controls, music, and funny graphics, the game is still a joy to play.  Super Mario World has aged very well.