Expansion Buses that is. PC Expansion buses go back a long way, before they were even called a “BUS”, when they were still known as an “Omnibus”. From there various incarnations have been bestowed upon us with varying success and speeds. From 8 bit ISA, 16 BIT, EISA, Vesa, various other local buses, AGP and PCI, it’s been a rollercoaster of Bus activity. In this video I look back at the Altair machine, along with IBM PC Compatibles, including Compaq’s attempts to corner the “bus scene” with their 286 and 386 deskpro lines, and what IBM did in response with their PS/1 and PS/2 MCA architecture. Let’s explore this crazy and curious world of expansion cards, bits, buses, clock speeds, data paths and failed attempts of unification.

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