This is officially the last original Earthworm Jim game and it’s a 2D side-scroller for the Nintendo Game Boy Color. So what’s the deal with Menace 2 the Galaxy? Does it aim to recapture at least some of the original Earthworm charm? Is it even worth checking out? What would I need to know about this game to appear fluent in an Earthworm Jim trivia challenge?

Want to know more? Craving some more Leftover Culture or just want to know how we do some of the special effects? Check it out on the official website;

All the music on the LOCR in 2014 has been produced by Harlen & Kenny. These guys are amazing producers and all their music is for sale.

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Like the Action Figures used in the video? I’ve written about them here;­/earthworm-jim-action-figures-playmates-­1995/