Duke Nukem 3D.. What a game… such a good game that we had to wait until 1996 and for PC’s to advance enough to display the fluid graphics and the immense landscapes. BUT then, in 1998, it bloody lands on the Sega Mega Drive courtesy of Tec Toy! Yep, Duke Nukem 3D on the Mega Drive/Genesis… It seems we could have had the glory of Duke way back in the early 90s, only if someone had pulled their finger out!

To be fair, this isn’t anything much like the true Duke Nukem 3D, but it’s a valiant effort on the Sega Mega Drive, even if it only features only episode (Lunar Apocalypse) and it’s immensely cut down. This is a Mega Drive, what do you expect?

The game itself has recently been re-released by Piko Interactive on the Genesis/Mega Drive and you can pick up a copy from https://pikointeractive.com/blog/duke-nukem-3d-released-for-sega-genesis/