Welcome to the first month of what may become a regular thing. Each month as a community we will play a retro game together and then discuss it in the forums and in the site comments. The game can be something picked at random, related to a big release on a new system, related to an important moment on gaming history or voted on by the community; it must only be retro and something everyone can play with a certain degree of ease (not counting emulation, we like to encourage playing these games as they were intended, but we know not everyone can). 

For this first month as a test run Spyro The Dragon for the original Playstation, which was released on April 1st in Japan, has been selected. Spyro started as one of the Playstation’s big attempts at creating a successful 3D platformer  and actually succeeded. Released in 1998 in the US (two years after Super Mario 64) it became a massive success for Sony and spawned a series of games which has lead to the now very popular Skylanders video game. 

Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: Sony

Release Date: JP 4/1/99, US 8/10/98

Single Player

Rating: E

Available on: Playstation, PSN (PSP/PS3) 

Spyro must jump, glide and burn his way through his world while rescuing the other Dragons. All while being followed by his Dragon Fly companion and collecting gems. The game is very reminiscent of early 3D platformers, lots of open space, sparse enemies and a whimsical feel. 

So, turn on your Playstaion of choice (or yes, emulator) and boot up your game so we can get to discussing!