Usersub OTW Double Feature: Ludi Antiqui: System Shock 2 Review & HistoricNerd: Fallout 3 & Real Portable Atomic Weapons

System Shock 2 Review – Ludi Antiqui HistoricNerd: Fallout 3 […]

Retro Renegade: The Guardian Legend Review (NES, 1989)

This week on Retro Renegade, I’m reviewing a very special […]

Megaman 7 (SNES) Review Redux – Zero’s Maverick Hunting

S re-edit one of my reviews from 2010. Despite what […]

Trashed Classics: Cry of Fear

Check me out on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AvalancheJared or Facebook – […]

Excitebike: Bun Bun Mario Battle Staidum (Satellaview) Review – Dubious Gaming

Wile doing research for a review of the original Excitebike […]

Miracle of Almana Famicom Disk System/NES review – The Retro JR.

You’re gonna wanna grapple onto this gem of a game! […]

Sewer Shark Sega CD | Retrospective Perspective

Retrospective Perspective | Episode 32 – Sewer Shark for the […]

User Submission of the Week – Top 10 NES ROM Hacks

Discover the Top 10 best NES ROM Hacks of all […]

Video Game Journal: Super Back to the Future II

Welcome to the first episode of the Video Game Journal. […]

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