The Retro Gamer & The Modern Gamer: Resident Evil

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What is TATE?

Ever wish you could keep the original aspect ratio of […]

Loading Contra III (SNES) Retro Review…

by‘s SevenofSpades7 The third game of the Contra franchise (hinted in no small […]

Top 10 Things To Do With Your Old Pokemon Cards

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A day at Stop N Play Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball

Spend a day with my friends at the local Stop […]

Worth the Search – Crystalis (NES, 1990)

      Remember 1997 – President Clinton’s 2nd Inauguration? […]

New Battle Kid 2 demo video – Intro stage and cutscene demo

Hey all.  This is a new video I made of […]

Fire Emblem Retrospective Part 6

A large mishmash of Fire Emblem oddities. We look at […]

VGCB Episode 1: Armcannon

This is the first episode of Video Game Cover Bands! […]

Cross Reviews – Pokemon Trading Card Game

  Cross reviews the Pokemon Trading Card Game for the […]

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