A look at some Nintendo NES puzzle games

Take a quick look at the Nintendo-published NES puzzle games. […]


Top 20 Weirdest Consoles (20-11)

Some consoles make you wonder if aliens were involved with […]


Job System – Scholar ~02~

Critique of the Japanese release of Final Fantasy: Type-0.


Video Game review of Spawn the Eternal for ths ps1

a game based off a movie that was based off […]

The Gamer Chronicles Ep:16 Air Combat

Hey guys ! Back again this week with my review […]

Star Ocean First Departure Review (Star Ocean Retrospective Pt 1)

Here it is, the first real part of my next […]

Top 5 Offbeat Dreamcast Games Thumb

Top 5: Offbeat Dreamcast Games

In this episode of Top 5 I share some of […]


Let’s Play! With Nostalgic Roe: Golden Axe

The world of Yuria is safe with Nostalgic Roe battling […]


Not So Deep Thoughts: Collecting Memories

¬†Player1 tells us why he loves video games and what […]


Hard 4 Atari Jaguar – Review PT. 1

Hard 4 The Atari Jaguar? We sure…aren’t! Who actually owns […]

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