Ace Gamer editorial Konami

Ace Gamer Editiorial – Konami

This is the first Ace Gamer Editorial series I’m making. […]


Twin Cobra Review (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Twin Cobra is a vertical scrolling shmup released in arcades […]

Jurassic Park thumbnail

JURASSIC PARK – Video Games Review

★SEGA VS SNES: Jurassic Park Video Games “Welcome to the […]

First Look - Stunt GP Thumb

First Look: Stunt GP (Dreamcast)

In this episode I take a first look at the […]


Nostalgic Roe Presents: The Adventures of Bayou Billy

Nostalgic Roe Presents: The Adventures of Bayou Billy Hated by […]

RE Toy Biz

Resident Evil Action Figures (Toy Biz 1998) – Leftover Culture Show

Toy Biz managed to capture a lot of detail in […]

Sexy Parodius title card

Obscure Old Games: Sexy Parodius

Roger celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the US Saturn launch […]


DLC Episode 01 – Gotcha Force

iode 01 of a brand new, original series from DLCsquad! […]


5 Great 16-Bit Shmups

I think the 16-bit generation of shmups was my favorite. […]

pokemon centre thumbnail preview

Pokemon Red\Blue (Gameboy) – ‘Pokemon Center’ EWI Multitrack

Hope you enjoy this cover from the generation of Pokemon […]

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