Justin Carmical (a.k.a. JewWario) reviews import video games that people can play without knowing the Japanese language.

YCPT – Harvest Moon Retrospective

J-Dub remembers a game…

YCPT – Boku Dracula Kun

J-Dub goes over a cute game where the hero DOES […]

YCPT – GaiaSeed

It’s a fun little SHMUP. You shoot shoot shoot and […]

YCPT – Yakiniku Bugyou

J-Dub goes over a tasty PS1 game.

YCPT – YuYu Hakusho FINAL

JewWario borrows Yankii J’s coat for a review. Having difficulty […]

The Pipeline – Top 100 NES/Famicom Games

Brady has been working on a top 100 NES/Famicom games […]

You Can Play This – Game Doctor

JDub goes over the game copier known as the Game […]

You Can Play This – Umihara Kawase

Walking fish? Fishing lines that reel you up? Physics engines? […]

J-Dub Quickie – Spirit Camera

JDub gets a visit from a spectral friend in this […]

You Can Play This – Densha De Go!

Trains trains trains trains… CHOO CHOO!