The Video Game Years are here! The exclusive RetrowareTV.com show that examines the history, culture, and the oddities of video game history will have you learning, laughing, and scratching your head as we examine all that transpired in our favorite hobby’s past. Time to laugh, learn and reminisce about those glorious Video Game Years.

The Video Game Years – 1979 Pt 1 – Atari Adventure & Vector Graphics

So begins the end of the 70’s. “The kids of today should defend themselves against the 70’s.” – Eddie Vedder

The Video Game Years – 1978 Part 3 – Super Breakout, APF MP-1000, Simon, Atari

Finally we show you the beauty of the APF MP-1000… NOT! That’s a 90’s phrase, dum-dum. Don’t bully me, keyboard!

The Video Game Years – 1978 Part 2 – Odyssey 2 & Trackball

Trackball — the thin line between love and hate is the missing skin on my palm! AhhHHHHH!!

The Video Game Years – 1978 Part 1 – Space Invaders & Bally Astrocade

The Bally Astrocade was the Neo Geo of its day. And that Space Invaders game came out. No biggie.

The Video Game Years – 1977 (Full Length Episode)

The Premiere of Retroware’s Magnum Opus – The Video Game Years! And we start with 1977. Why? Because it was a big video game year, doy. Watch the uncut, full length episode or individual parts right here.