The Video Game Years are here! The exclusive RetrowareTV.com show that examines the history, culture, and the oddities of video game history will have you learning, laughing, and scratching your head as we examine all that transpired in our favorite hobby’s past. Time to laugh, learn and reminisce about those glorious Video Game Years.

The Video Game Years – 1988 Pt 7 – Phantasy Star, Metal Gear, Skate Or Die, Ice Hockey

I spell Fantasy with a “P-H”

The Video Game Years – 1988 Pt 6 – Super Mario Bros 2, RBI Baseball, Chase HQ, Adventure Island

Super Mario 2 Was Awesome. DONE!

The Video Game Years – 1988 Pt 5 – Blades of Steel, Double Dragon II, Golgo 13, Nintendo Power

Welcome to the Counselor’s Corner

The Video Game Years – 1988 Pt 3 – The Adventure of Link, Blaster Master, RC Pro Am, Wasteland

Why your sword so small, Link?

The Video Game Years – 1988 Pt 2 – Castlevania II, Ghostbusters, NARC, Pool of Radiance

Who ya gonna call? A slowly developing day/night cycle.

The Video Game Years – 1987 Pt 5 – After Burner, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, Top Gun, Maniac Mansion

Yeah, the video game babes segment!