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The Backlog – How to Fix Your NES 72-Pin Connector

In this how-to video, Joe walks you through the process […]

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The Halloween episodes come to a close with Costume Quest, […]

The Backlog – Monster Party (NES)

Do you like monsters? How about parties? If you answered […]

The Backlog – Boku Dracula-kun (Famicom)

Joe dons the tiny cape of young Dracula-kun and introduces […]

The Backlog – Haunting Ground (PS2)

Better tighten your belt, because to kick off October Joe […]

The Backlog – Chameleon Twist (N64)

In this episode Joe talks about Chameleon Twist, a delightful […]

The Backlog – Cu-On-Pa SFC (Super Famicom)

Joe digs through a pile of pachinko games to pull […]

The Backlog SPECIAL – Game Collection Tour Part 2

The thrilling conclusion to Joe and Christina’s guided tour through […]

The Backlog SPECIAL – Game Collection Tour Part 1

The Backlog is about to turn a year old and […]

The Backlog – Mendel Palace (NES)

Joe introduces you to Game Freak’s very first video game […]