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The Backlog – Joe’s Birthday Special: 30 Games for 30 Years

The Backlog is all about forgotten and obscure retro games […]

The Backlog – Pokémon Puzzle Challenge (Game Boy Color)

Pokémon Master Joe tells you about Pokémon Puzzle Challenge for […]

The Backlog – Brawl Brothers (SNES)

Joe tells you about Brawl Brothers, a working-class beat ’em […]

The Backlog – Hook (Sega CD)

BANGARANG! The Backlog is a show all about obscure and […]

The Backlog – Dragon Ball Z Super Butōden Series (Super Famicom)

Joe takes you on a guided tour through the Super […]

The Backlog – Dynamite Headdy (Sega Genesis)

Joe gets a-HEAD (hurr) of himself to tell you about […]

The Backlog (and Friends) – A Very Retro Christmas Special

Eric Bailey – http://www.nintendolegend.com http://www.1morecastle.com Shane Luis – http://youtube.com/rereztv Pete […]

The Backlog – Clash at Demonhead (NES)

Scott Pilgrim vs The Backlog concludes with Clash at Demonhead, […]

The Backlog – Shatterhand (NES)

Scott Pilgrim vs The Backlog continues! In 1991, the NES […]

The Backlog – Crash ‘N’ The Boys: Street Challenge (NES)

Kicking off “Scott Pilgrim vs The Backlog” month, Joe talks […]