Welcome to From Pixels to Plastic, the web series dedicated to the coolest action figures and collectibles based on your favorite video games! Join host "Pixel Dan" Eardley for a fun and informative journey through the world of plastic treasures from pixelated gems!

From Pixels to Plastic: SDCC Exclusive 8-Bit Jason Voorhees by NECA Toys

Did you ever think there would be an action figure […]

From Pixels to Plastic: Mega Man and Rush D-Arts by Bandai Japan

Wrapping up the MEGA series, it’s time to take a […]

From Pixels to Plastic: Mega Man X D-Arts Vile by Bandai Japan

The Mega Series continues on! Today, Pixel Dan takes a […]

From Pixels to Plastic: Mega Man X D-Arts Zero Type 1 by Bandai Japan

P2P rolls right along with the MEGA series! Next up, […]

From Pixels to Plastic: Mega Man X D-Arts All Armor X by Bandai Japan

The MEGA series continues as Pixel Dan takes a look […]

From Pixels to Plastic: Mega Man X D-Arts Metallic Exclusive by Bandai Japan

I hope you guys are ready for a MEGA dose […]

From Pixels to Plastic: Pokemon D-Arts Charizard by Bandai Tamashii Nations

The second release in the new D-Arts Pokemon line is […]

From Pixels To Plastic – Pokemon D-Arts Mewtwo by Bandai Tamashii Nations

Welcome back to From Pixels to Plastic! There have been […]

From Pixels to Plastic: Mass Effect – Commander Shepard

The second figure in Kotobukiya’s Mass Effect Bishoujo line is […]

From Pixels to Plastic: Figma Legend of Zelda Link by Good Smile Company

The Legend of Zelda is no stranger to the world […]