Meet Pat: a quirky video game player and collector who reviews retro video games. He also goes out on flea market adventures and travels to gaming/comic conventions to see what fun is in store. He's here to entertain you, sometimes at the expense of himself. It's all good clean fun... ok, mostly clean.

Pat the NES Punk – Nintendo Power Tips Tape

Pat finally gets a new version of a rare Nintendo […]

Pat Returns to the Jersey Shore

Plush Toys! Street Fighter! Pinball! Pat returns to the Jersey […]

Pat the NES Punk – Family Game Funness

Pat plays four NES family games with Cinemassacre.com’s James Rolfe.

Pat at Comic Con 2011

Pat is your guide at Comic Con 2011! See Pat’s […]

E3 2011 – Briana Baker Interview

In Pat’s last E3 interview ┬áhe catches up with someone […]

Pat’s Random E3 Recap

Dancing Cartoons! Dancing Reviewers! Hulk Hogan! Here are some random […]

Pat the NES Punk – Jersey Shore

Pat the NES Punk – Alisia Dragoon

Pat The NES Punk: Alisia Dragoon

Pat the NES Punk – Flea Market Madness 4