Meet Pat: a quirky video game player and collector who reviews retro video games. He also goes out on flea market adventures and travels to gaming/comic conventions to see what fun is in store. He's here to entertain you, sometimes at the expense of himself. It's all good clean fun... ok, mostly clean.

Pat the NES Punk & Brentalfloss – Nintendohemian Rhapsody

Brentalfloss & Pat team up for this epic Nintendo ballad!

rWtv The Fourth Man

You have been asking who the fourth man is. Well, […]

rWtv takes Magfest

The rWtv wolfpac continue their total domination by waging war […]

Pat the NES Punk – Baby Boomer

Pat looks at the strange Color Dreams Zapper title! CLICK […]

3rd Annual NES Charity Marathon Announcement

The epic Child’s Play Charity event returns on Oct. 20th!

Pat the NES Punk – Flea Market Madness 11

Pat returns to the local swap meet!

Pat the NES Punk – Track & Field

Tank tops! Tight shorts! Killer mustaches! Pat reviews the classic […]

Pat the NES Punk – Commando

Pat goes Commando with this port of the Capcom arcade […]

Pat the NES Punk – Flea Market Madness 10

The 10th edition of Flea Market Madness is here! What […]

Pat the NES Punk – Loopz

Pat looks at this positively loopy NES game!