Meet Pat: a quirky video game player and collector who reviews retro video games. He also goes out on flea market adventures and travels to gaming/comic conventions to see what fun is in store. He's here to entertain you, sometimes at the expense of himself. It's all good clean fun... ok, mostly clean.

Pat the NES Punk – Famicom Multicarts

My time attending Retroware High is coming to a close. […]

Pat the NES Punk – Random Famicom Fun

Pat goes through his Famicom games to see if he […]

Pat the NES Punk – Turbografx Review Roundup (Christmas Special)

Pat reviews Turbografx 16 games while dealing with a blast […]

Flea Market Madness Vol. 16

The Madness continues!

Pat the NES Punk Vol. 3 DVD Available for Pre-Order Now!

Nearly 8 Hours of Content on 2 DVDs!

4th Annual NES Charity Marathon Announcement

This year, Pat & Ian raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network!

Pat the NES Punk – Reckoning (Cliffhanger Part 2)

Pat heads out to rescue Frank and discovers a shocking […]

Flea Market Madness 15

This time out, Pat struggles to find anything. Will Frank […]

Pat the NES Punk 5th Anniversary – Cliffhanger

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