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HVGN Game Quickie: Rad Raygun (Xbox Indie)

This Xbox Indie game just may be the best $1 […]

Hello Kitty Roller Rescue (GC), Is It Really That Bad?

… or how could it not be f**king awesome!?

Is It Really That Bad? – Escape From Bug Island

The Nothing Matters crew join Derek for this SPOOKTASTIC horror […]

Happy Video Game Nerd – Doom 64

A masterpiece of atmosphere and one of the most absorbing […]

Is It Really That Bad? – Superman vs Carmageddon 64

Which Titus game is the worst of the worst?

Happy Video Game Nerd – Eternal Darkness Follow-Up

The Happy Nerd is back to once again discuss Eternal […]

MAGFest X – An Ode to the Hilton – HVGN

Music by Protodome: http://protodome.bandcamp.com/album/bluescreen More information about MAGfest: http://magfest.org

Is It Really That Bad? – Vampire Rain

Don’t get spooked! Derek and Calvin are back again to […]

Happy Video Game Nerd: Illbleed (DC)

If you love horror, you need to play Illbleed.

Game Quickie: House of the Dead (Saturn)

The Happy Nerd looks at one of the rarest and […]