EGMR Twilight2

Twilight Princess “Midna’s Lament” Music Video // Epic Game Music

Today on Epic Game Music I did an original guitar […]

Tecmos Deception Title Card

Let’s GET!! Tecmo’s Deception Game Quickie

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Game Quickie – San Francisco Rush (PS1)

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Monster Rancher Hop-A-Bout Title Card

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Under The Skin Title Card

Let’s GET!! Under The Skin Game Quickie

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Title Card

Let’s GET!! Mr. Goemon Game Quickie

Eric from Let’s GET!! AKA Goemon047 on YouTube finally reviews […]


HVGN Game Quickie: Rad Raygun (Xbox Indie)

This Xbox Indie game just may be the best $1 […]


Game Quickie: House of the Dead (Saturn)

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Game Quickie – Yoshi’s Safari

There were a handful of Super Nintendo games that featured […]


Game Quickie – Taz Mania