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We Are Number One But It‘s A Spoken Word by Super Bunnyhop || Epic Game Music

We Are Number One is a song from the Icelandic […]

Super Mario Odyssey Trailer Theme (Guitar Remix) || Epic Game Music

Super Mario Odyssey sees Mario leave the Mushroom Kingdom to […]

Tetris Theme A Four Guitars One Dude!?!! || Epic Game Music

Tetris Theme A is Tetris’ most iconic song so today […]

Thunderstruck / Elecman Played With One Hand!?!! (ACDC x Mega Man Mash Up) || Epic Game Music

Thunderstruck is one of AC/DC’s best songs so today on […]

Moana How Far I’ll Go ft. Elsie Lovelock (Vocal and Guitar Cover) || Epic Game Music

How Far I’ll Go from the Disney’s Moana is an […]

h3h3productions Theme Song (Guitar Remix) || Epic Game Music

h3h3productions is one of the best channels out there and […]

Final Fantasy Prelude Stop Motion Guitar!?

Final Fantasy Prelude is easily one of the most iconic […]

Pokemon Sun and Moon Champion Red & Blue Battle Music ft. Erika Szabo

Pokemon Sun and Moon has an instant classic with the […]

Super Mario Bros. Theme On One String!?!!

Super Mario Bros is one of the most influential VGM […]

Friday The 13th Cabin Theme ft. Donut Drums (Guitar & Drums Remix) || Epic Game Music

The Friday The 13th Cabin Theme is an NES classic […]