Hi, I'm Ollie and I make videos... Mostly arrangements of video game songs using only one instrument.

Mega Man 2 Gameboy – Title theme banjo cover

MEGA MAN 2 – Quick Man banjo cover

Here’s the Quick Man them from Capcom’s Mega Man 2 […]

Megaman 2 – Heat Man banjo cover

And here it is. The Heat Man theme from Mega […]

Starfox 64 – Star Wolf cover – With Mariachi Entertainment System

Huge huge thanks to the David and the entire Mariachi […]

Death Note – L’s Theme banjo cover

Monkey Island Main theme cover

Man, has this theme been stuck in my head for […]

Undertale – Ruins – banjo cover

Undertale – Asgore theme banjo cover

So here’s my take on the Asgore theme from undertale. […]