16-Bit Gems" looks back at the storied 16-bit era of video games and examines those that were truly exceptional, but overlooked in the hype of the time. Also, “The Way Games Work” is a series that explores the science and technology behind video games, while making it accessible to the layman... it's like if Bill Nye was on G4. __________________________________________________________

16-Bit Gems #23 – SeaQuest DSV


16-Bit Gems #22 – Lufia II

8-Bit Gems #21 – North & South

16-Bit Gems #20 – BS Zelda & Satellaview Retrospective

8/23/2011: For the SNES’ 20th anniversary we present this RWTV […]

16-Bit Gems #19 – The Lost Vikings

16-Bit Gems #18 – Liberty or Death

16-Bit Gems #17 – Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

16 Bit Gems: Castlevania Rondo of Blood (TG-CD)

16-Bit Gems #16 – Alien Soldier

16-Bit Gems #15 – Terranigma

16-Bit Gems Extra #1 – VideoGame/Pop Music Similarities

16 Bit Gems: Extra #1: Video Game / Pop Music […]