16-Bit Gems" looks back at the storied 16-bit era of video games and examines those that were truly exceptional, but overlooked in the hype of the time. Also, “The Way Games Work” is a series that explores the science and technology behind video games, while making it accessible to the layman... it's like if Bill Nye was on G4. __________________________________________________________

64-Bit Gems #31 – Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)

Roo takes advantage this April 1st to talk about an […]

16-Bit Gems #30 – Rise of the RPG: A History

Roo presents a retrospective on the rise of the Japanese/console RPG, […]

Zen & The Art of Video Game Reviewing Panel – MAGFest X

Join Pat, Roo, James Rolfe, and Justin Carmical as they […]

16-Bit Gems #29 – Pac-Man 2

A Pac-Man game is a Pac-Man game is a Pac-Man […]

16-Bit Gems #28 – Clock Tower

Believe it or not, there were survival horror games before […]

16-Bit Gems #27 – Sunset Riders

This Konami arcade classic was once ported to both the […]

16-Bit Gems #26 – Super Adventure Island II

We all know what we’re in for when we play […]

The Way Games Work – NES Zapper

The Zapper for the Nintendo Entertainment System was the most […]

16-Bit Gems #25 – Soul Blazer

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Clan of the Gray […]

16-Bit Gems #24 – Pulseman