Survival Horror Retrospective: Alone in the Dark

Happy Halloween!

EGMR Halloween

Halloween Theme feat. Master System from The Blast Processors // Epic Game Music

Check out the The Blast Processors: Today on Epic […]

LGR - Tech Tales - CP/M & Digital Research

LGR Tech Tales – CP/M & Digital Research

This episode covers the rise and fall of Digital Research […]


Bubsy 3D – Positives – Rerez

Bubsy 3D has got to be the worst 3D platformer […]


The Worst Controller This Generation – Rerez

This console generation has three primary contenders. The Xbox One, […]

EGMR Luigi

Luigi’s Mansion Theme Music Video // Epic Game Music

Today on Epic Game Music I do an original guitar […]


Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) – Positives – Rerez

Sonic the Hedgehog 06 is awful. Released on the Xbox […]


Shadowman – Nintendo 64 Review


Gradius 5 :: Game Journey – My Life In Gaming


The Video Game Years – 1986 Pt 1 – Sega Master System, Arkanoid, Jackal, Gumshoe & More

Bodies working overtime – Don’t be ridiculous! Sayings!