the Pipeline – RetroDuo Portable 2.0 Review

JewWario gives a review of the RetroDuo Portable 2.0 and some peripherals by Retro-Bit

PlayStation 4 Sells 2.1 Million Units – Screenwave

Sony is burning through sales super fast!

Microsoft sells 1 million Xbox One consoles in 24 hours

Well that was fast!

Sony sells 1 Million PS4 units in 24 hours!

Sony breaks their record for consoles sold!

Master Reboot Review

Upload yourself to the soul cloud in Master Reboot!

Exclusive SCALE Preview

Check out this upcoming FPP title!

The Stanley Parable Review!

Presented in fantastic Choice-O-Vision!

Nintendo kills the Wii

It’s the end of an era.

Final Fantasy VI on iOS and Android

Old Final Fantasy. New way to play.

Sleeping Dogs 2 Announced!

Sleeping Dogs gets a sequel from Square Enix!?

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