dkc2 david wise 600x320

The Man Behind The Music: Donkey Kong Country 2, and David Wise

From what I’ve experienced with friends, fans of the original […]

pokemon rse 600 x 320

Four Ways Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Influenced The Pokemon Series

I’ll be honest: I had originally planned on writing a […]

mmdiogenes 600 x 320

N64 Gorons, Diogenes, And the Way Of The Dog

If there’s one thing to take from the ancient Greek […]

popn twinbee 600 x 320

Late To The Game: Pop’n Twinbee

Have you ever had someone look at you in shock […]

shantae 600 x 320

Late To The Game: Shantae

Have you ever had someone look at you in shock […]

john kirby 600 x 320

The Lawyer Behind Kirby’s Name

Whenever I miss a certain childhood friend of mine, I […]

edgeworth 6

Comparing and Contrasting Miles Edgeworth to Motivational Interviewing

I think under normal circumstances a Nintendo DS game, even […]

homeless in games

Homelessness In And Out Of Games

In a lot of ways, video games have changed over […]

dw 2 600x320-2

On Santa Barbara Shootings, Explained Through Digimon World 2

Anyone with feminist Facebook friends probably has seen a plethora […]

power quest 600 x 320

Power Quest, And The Path Of Most Resistance

Power Quest was a Game Boy Color game that combined […]

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