Repro Man: Famicom Detective Club: Part II

BASIC INFO GAME: Famicom Detective Club: Part II (Famicom Tantei […]

Repro Man: Castlevania Rondo of Blood

  BASIC GAME INFO Game: Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Platform: […]

Still Loading: Why I Love The VMU (And You Should Too)

A few days ago the Sega Dreamcast celebrated the 17th […]

Still Loading: Why I love Wonky RPGs

For the most part, people tend to be fickle and […]

Still Loading: The Brilliant Women of 32 Bits

  The 32-bit era in gaming was an important era […]

Still Loading: The Best Moms in Video Games

Hello everyone! Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the U.S. […]

Still Loading: Top Games I’d Like In English, Now Please.

As you can probably guess just by clicking the link […]

Genre Evolutions: Japanese Adventure Games.

Greetings readers and bored explorers of the internet, today instead […]

Still Loading Bonus Post! My Game Collection!

  So, when some people can’t sleep, they try to […]

Still Loading: Gotta Catch ’em All Over Again

  Pokemon just celebrated it’s 20th anniversary this weekend. Wow. […]

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