Play Good art 1 header

Still Loading: Play Good Art (Part 1)

Well readers, 2016 is upon us. Did you celebrate the […]

Clock Tower title pic-1

Still Loading: Games To Keep You Up At Night (Part 1)

  Every gamer has experienced it. Playing a game in […]


Still Loading: Shenmue, the Waiting Game, and the Value Of Patience

$6,333,296. Let that number sink in for a second. Six […]


Still Loading: 20 Years of Saturn (The Beginning)

  Sega’s favorite misunderstood game console celebrated the 20th anniversary […]

Night trap you sooooo ugly

Still Loading: Graphics Shmaphics

  A couple of weeks ago I was browsing around […]

title 4

Still Loading: Build Your Own New Year

    The New Year is finally here! Well, it’s […]

wanna be retro title

Still Loading: So You Want To Be a Retro Gamer (part 1)

    I want to get into retro gaming. Every […]

Panzer Saga SWan Son title

Still Loading: The Top Swan Songs in Gaming

Since the dawn of home and portable gaming, players have […]


Still Loading: Life, Lemons, and Hobbies On Hold

When life gives you lemons, sometimes it squirts the juice […]

Boku Dracula Kun-big pic

Still Loading: You Can Remember This!

  Hey all! Sorry I’ve been absent for a while. […]

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