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All-Games: Page 20


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All-Games: Page 19

The eVe formation takes shape! With the viruses fall for it?

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All-Games: Page 18

The fight begins and a plan is formed!


All-Games: Page 17

Can’t let you do that, humans!

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All-Games: Page 16

Chapter 4 and On Being Human take us to the Lylat System for the next key piece!

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Power Poster #6

The winner of votes for the newest Power Poster is: […]


All-Games: Page 15

Chapter 3 wraps up and the next Power Poster is up to a vote!


All-Games: Page 14

Eric must hold the triforce of luck! Eric meets back up with Norm

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All-Games: Page 13

The All-Games are back! What’s in store for Norm?

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Years ago, Outworld Elementary School and Earth Realm Elementary school merged into one. Raiden and Shao Kahn, the principals of the schools, couldn’t decide who should be in charge. So they held a playground tournament among the students twice a year. The principal of the winning side rules the entire school however they see fit.

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