Great Memories of Sonic 3 and Knuckles….20 Years Later

Sonic 3 and Knuckles is not just the pinnacle of the Sonic series, but one of the best 2D platformers ever made.

Contra Rebirth Title Card(620x300)

A Simple Rebirth

Contra Rebirth is a short but sweet experience.

Contra 4 Title Card(620x300)

A Retro Revolution

Contra 4 was one of the games that started the retro gaming craze.

Shattered Soldier Cover(620X300)

Better Times Ahead

The PS2 Contra entries are a return to form.

Legacy of War box art(620x300)

A Terrible Legacy

The PS1 Contra games are the low points of the series.

Sonic Adventure DX cover(620x300)

A First Timer’s Look at Sonic Adventure

One of the first 3D Sonic games is still worth playing today.

Contra Hard Corps Title Card

It’s Great to Be Hard Corps

Contra Hard Corps is the finest entry in the entire series.

Sonic Jamming(620x300)

My Favorite Video Game Music Remixers

There’s some amazing talent out there in the video game music world, and here’s some you should definitely listen to.

Contra III title card(620X300)

Continuing the Contra Tradition

The original Gameboy and SNES get some much needed Contra treatment, too.

Lolo Intro Cutscene(620X300)

HAL’s Forgotten Franchise: Adventures of Lolo

Before there was Kirby, Lolo and Lala burst onto the NES scene.

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