Ending The End with Cannabis

Anthony Lewis requested: “I would like a scientific explanation as […]

Telepathy and the Mantis’

We will continue our coverage of MGS bosses by talking […]

The End of a Lone Wolf

Recently my wife started playing Metal Gear Solid games. So […]

Grafting Ourselves a Liquid Ocelot

This is another example of one of those games that […]

Zitz and Rash: Pummel with Enlarged Fists

How can Battletoads on NES be summed up in a […]

Let’s Create a Magical World and a Cactus

Special thanks to Asai Nero Tran, for winning the On […]

Infinite Ammo in Video Games

One of the things that makes ‘The Physics of Video […]

Yes, It’s Another Metroid Article

Since five articles on RetrowareTV and an entire chapter in […]

A Slimetacular Article About Springiness

Considering my tremendous love for the Dragon Quest series, I […]

Why Dark Souls is Retro and Forgiving

So why are we talking about Dark Souls on RetrowareTV? […]

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