What We Can Learn From the Famicom

The Famicom changed everything. Though we Americans would not know […]

The Best and Worst Looking Consoles

Another E3 has come and gone, and with it a […]

How Final Fantasy VII Ruined Everything

Final Fantasy VII both saved and ruined the Final Fantasy […]

Modern Gaming Should Be More Like Banjo-Kazooie

Retroware TV Proudly Presents: We are living in a depressing […]

The Future of Retro: PAX East 2013 Edition (Part 2)

Well, we are back, boys and girls! Do you like […]

The Future of Retro: Pax East 2013 Edition (Part 1)

Everything old is new again at PAX East. Walking through […]

In Defense of 3-D

There is a storm brewing amongst the retro gaming community. […]

Fire Emblem Makes Death Terrifyingly Awesome

It’s been a tough weekend for yours truly. Most of […]

What’s the Future of JRPGs?

JPRGs represent everything I love about gaming. The genre walks […]

Accomplishment is the Key to the Future

Accomplishment is the key to good gaming. This statement is […]

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