The Best Console Launch Moments Ever

Well, it finally happened, folks. After eight long years, the […]

HD Remakes Will Always Be Inferior

Preserving gaming history has always been a tricky thing. We […]

Pokemon is Like a Gateway Drug to Awesomeness

Pokemon, why can’t I quit you? After 13 years away […]

Symphony of the Night Changed RPGs Forever

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night pretty much invented the action-RPG […]

Do Games Need to Be Violent to Be Fun?

Much ado has been made about violence in video games […]

Mighty No. 9 is a Mega Man Rip-Off (And That’s OK)

Few things have gotten me as excited as Mighty No. […]

Gaming Does Not Need Celebrities

I hate celebrities. Now, there is no particular celebrity who […]

I Love Gimmicks (And So Should You)

Where would gaming be without gimmicks? Some say the industry […]

Today’s Console Wars Suck

Video games today are so dang boring. We are living […]

Hideo Kojima Should Abandon Metal Gear

Metal Gear, Metal Gear, Metal Gear, Metal Gear, Metal Gear, […]

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