The Most Metal Games Ever

We interrupt this message to bring you an even more […]

Shin Megami Tensei and Religious Exploration

Religion is a hard thing to talk about in the […]

Virtual Reality is the Future. . .?

Virtual reality. The final frontier of gaming. Almost since the […]

Grinding is the Future

Grinding is an art form. Too often do games use […]

Video Games Need Better Endings

A lousy ending is the worst sin a piece of […]

Video Games Need More Bad Ideas

Video games need more bad ideas if they are going […]

Can a Game Be Both Fun and Important?

Video games are fun. A blanket statement, I know, but […]

The Magic of Game Demos is Dead

The video game demo is a dying relic of our […]

“Reboot” Does Not Have to Be a Dirty Word

Knowing you will some day die is the hardest part […]

The Best Games for the Scrooge in All of Us

The spirit of joy and love is upon us, ladies […]

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