Kierkegaard’s Abraham, And Relatabilty In The Silent Protagonist

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Five Ways To Improve Yourself By Being Like Banjo

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What Donkey Kong 64 Reminds Us About Handling Times of Crisis

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Why Wario Is More Relatable Than Mario Has Ever Been

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Mere Exposure Effect With Video Games

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Final Fantasy Legend II, And How The Remake Humanizes Or Dehumanizes Odin

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How To Explain Descartes’ Methodic Doubt Using Link’s Awakening

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Body Images And Banjo Kazooie

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The Simpsons Arcade Game, and Why Stupidly Hard Games Help Us

Looking back at The Simpsons Arcade Game, it amazes me […]

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Take On The Evolution Of Pokemon

Anyone who’s a fan of the pokemon industry knows the […]

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