Taoist Lessons We Can Learn From Super Mario World

This article marks my one year anniversary at Retroware, and […]

Five Reasons Parappa Is A Terrible Person (Er, Dog)

Occasionally, part of being a cultural gamer isn’t about linking […]

On The Music In City Connection

More often in the past than present, games occasionally come […]

Parallels Between Crash Bandicoot Characters and Real Life People

Crash Bandicoot games are ones I instinctively don’t want to […]

Comparing Driver’s John Tanner to Real Life Undercover Cops

The first Driver was one of those retro games that […]

Super Mario RPG’s Overlap With C.S. Lewis’ The Four Loves

C.S. Lewis was a philosopher, writer, and radio speaker that […]

Flavor vs Mechanics, Explained Through Super Smash Bros.

My fellow writers who are more on the fiction side […]

Explaining The Golden Mean Through Excitebike

I think it’s a given that some of my articles […]

How Pokemon’s Portrayal Of Women Has Sort Of Grown

Today was a pretty historic day in America; for the […]

Oracle of Seasons/Ages’s Guide To Parenting

The Legend of Zelda games Oracle of Seasons and Oracle […]

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