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How To Be Unhappy

I’ve noticed that gaming has become a mainstream hobby. Yet, […]

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What No One’s Bothering to Understand About Gamer Guys

Gaming culture is facing a massive upheaval right now in […]

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Nintendo and the Misguided New IP Debate

At this moment, Nintendo is viewed in one of two […]

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Growing Up In a Gaming World That Isn’t Ours

There’s a topic I’ve been putting off discussing for some […]

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How To Argue About Video Games on the Internet

In this day and age, no one may have an […]

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Every Zelda Game Is Not Just a Rehashed Ocarina of Time

Few franchises are left in video gaming that both have […]

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How Banjo-Kazooie is at the Core of Rare’s Rise and Fall

With Banjo-Monthie currently upon us, I figured I’d give my […]

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Why the Turtles in Time Soundtrack is the Greatest Soundtrack on the Super Nintendo

If there’s one thing I don’t talk enough about, it’s […]

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Why Nintendo Deserves Your Worship

I am a curmudgeon who’s very set in his ways. […]

Nintendo’s Five Biggest Screw-Ups

You know what? My last article put me in a […]

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