Types of Racers I Like

(R.C. Pro-Am on the NES was my first racing game.) […]

Game Boy – Shooters/Shmups Part 2 (S-Z)

I’m picking back up this week with the second half […]

Game Boy – Shooters/Shmups Part 1 (A-R)

I’d like to start discussing great Game Boy games because […]

Musical Games

Music and rhythm is always an important part of any […]

Discovering the Sega Game Gear

The Sega Game Gear (GG) wasn’t just some rinky-dink toy […]

Sega Game Gear Issues

The Game Gear (GG) is a great little system that […]

The Case for Reproductions

I’ve had the idea for writing this article for a […]

Playing Non-Popular Games

I usually play games when they’re two or three generations […]

Growing Up An 80’s Kid – Part 2

This is a continuation of my article about growing up […]

Growing Up An 80’s Kid – Part 1

I’ve been thinking about how nerd/geek culture has went a […]

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