The New SNK Portable Neo-Geo is Real

And it is exactly what I said it was… It […]

ThinkGeek Comes Out With a New iCade Controller – iOS and Android

I’m sure by now many of you retro enthusiasts have heard […]

There is not a new SNK Handheld, Neo Geo Pocket or Neo Geo

Over the last 12 hours or so a lot of […]

Say Goodbye to Hudson

A bit of sad news, it has been released today […]

Capcom releases Mega Man X for iOS. Nobody seems very happy…

The first Mega Man X is one of my favorite […]

Boulder Dash comes to Android with classic levels

The classic Boulder Dash game, which was released first in […]

Steve Jobs named most influential in gaming: Retro gamers confused, others angry.

Yeah, you read the headline correctly. In a recent survey […]

The Suda 51 Sdatcher Radio Drama Translated

Marc Laidlaw and Artemio Urbina, the guys behind the incredible […]

Super Mario Land 3D and Four Swords Adventure Includes Classic Levels

If you’re like me, little retro throwbacks in modern games […]

R-Type Ported to Android Phones

As retro gamers, it is always nice to see our […]

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