The Gaming Futurist: The Return of the 3-D Platformer Part 1

I was an incredibly fortunate child growing up. Being born […]

Welcome to Retro Land!

The RWTV Crew is zapped into Retro Land!

Game Gear vs. Game Boy (And the Story of a Boy Caught in the Middle)

A war of handhelds started in the early 90’s.

5 Games To Bring Back Sega Fanboy Pride

It’s not always easy being a Sega fan.

Retro Gaming News For October 23, 2012

News and current events on the retro gaming scene!

Famicom: An Introduction

Famicom Densetsu kicks off with an introduction to……..the Famicom!

The N64 Controller Was Fine and You Know It

You can’t even name a game that controlled poorly as a result of this controller.

Super Feminist RPG

How the Legend of the Seven Stars relates to modern definitions of gender stereotyping.

The Origin of a Nickname: General Brent

General Brent looks back at the game that inspired his nickname and influenced him to write about video games.

The Holy Grail of Madden Football Games

A rare Madden game? Can it be possible?!

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