Legend of the Game Chasers

Game Chasing in Hyrule Kingdom?

Zelda II Woman in Red Header

Zelda II Proved That Gamers Will Always Be Sexist

The Healing Woman in Zelda II is one of the most progressive females in gaming history.

Dance Aerobics, And The Dance Game Genre

When people think dance pads and video games, they think […]

Secret of Ever-SNORE

What do western kids want? They want some blonde-haired milksop of a protagonist in a Marty McFly costume!

Mega Man X: A Legend for All Time

Capcom released a spinoff series of the Mega Man franchise spanning three console generations, and it was awesome.

Kirby’s Dream Sport

Mini-golf with parasols and exploding trees

The Physics of Video Games: The Physics of Kirby

Explaining the science behind Kirby

The Gaming Futurist: The Return of the 3-D Platformer Part 1

I was an incredibly fortunate child growing up. Being born […]

Welcome to Retro Land!

The RWTV Crew is zapped into Retro Land!

Game Gear vs. Game Boy (And the Story of a Boy Caught in the Middle)

A war of handhelds started in the early 90’s.

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