Beyond the Rose Colored Glasses – Alien 3 (Genesis)

  In the last article I mentioned that at a […]

Gender Gameplay Differences

Disclaimer:  I’m wrote this article because I was researching this […]

Breakdown – Why Lufia II stands out among 16-Bit RPGs

  The 16-bit generation spawned countless role playing games. The Final […]

Games Growing Up 3: Crash Bandicoot

When video games made the jump to 3D, the scene […]

Bits of the Past: Before Shadowgate The Novel Pt. 2

With a prequel to a game that had minimal back […]

The One About The Nintendo 64

Along with the Super NES (August, 1991) and the Gamecube […]

Game and Toy: Alien 3

As one of the greatest science-fiction horror franchises of all-time, […]

Let’s Clear things up for Sonic Boom

  When I mention Sonic Boom to someone, the first […]

Beyond the Rose Colored Glasses – General Chaos (Genesis)

  One of the greatest pastimes for a kid is […]

Metroidvania and Shmups

There are two terms that elicit groans from the retrogaming […]

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