Physics of Video Games – Shovel Knight: Specter Knight

Shovel Knight is one of those games that just gets […]

Breakdown – The Best Robot Masters

One of the best parts about the Mega Man series […]

Beyond the Rose Colored Glasses – Boogerman (Genesis)

  What was the first game in your life that […]

Games Growing Up 8: Pokémon Generation One

Pokémon is a franchise that took the world by storm […]

More Than 9 Ball – Side Pocket Super Nintendo

Generally, when thinking of games with famous translation and localization […]

Games Growing Up 7: Sonic Adventure

Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game franchise that has […]

Repro Man: Famicom Detective Club: Part II

BASIC INFO GAME: Famicom Detective Club: Part II (Famicom Tantei […]

Beyond the Rose Colored Glasses – Warlock (Genesis)

  Yup, another movie based game. I had a lot […]

Growing Up An 80’s Kid – Part 1

I’ve been thinking about how nerd/geek culture has went a […]

Bits of the Past: A Link To The Past comic

Like any of Nintendos franchises, The Legend of Zelda has […]

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